ASHTORETH is a project in a search of a shamanistic perspective, channelling at times minimal, meditative drones; and at other a catharsis of doom, noise and experimentation touching upon folk, post rock, psychedelica and more. But always in a free form.

After having spent time in numerous bands and sound art projects, (Building Transmissions, Station Grey, Stifled Cries, Maya, Code Ishan, Sombra DeBestia; collaborations with Aaron Turner of Isis, Mary Bellamy, Douglas Park, Samon Takahashi, Carl Michael Von Hauswolff, Stephan Beck, Kris Delacourt, …) ASHTORETH was formed in Antwerp, Belgium during winter of 2010.
After a first performance at the Entree>Exit exhibition ASHTORETH was offered a collaboration with underground fashion label Pelican Avenue, whom dedicated a new collection of clothing to ASHTORETH’s music. This was presented at the Paris Fashion Week in March 2011 and resulted in a singlesided LP by the name of ‘ITOBIA’, recorded live during the performance, and was released in October 2011 by Pelican Avenue, limited to 300 copies.
After touring with TCH (Tim C. Holehouse), the collabortive `Angels guide the way to our Harbor` LP was released in 2014 by Deer Trail records / Dislocation Deity Records, which was soon followed by a remix album by various artists such as The Hare and The Moon, Traumasutra, raxil4,…
Next to playing live ASHTORETH provides remixes for befriended artists such as The Hare and the Moon, Grimssons, Trysth, EMPTINESS, Grown Below and does sound works for movies and documentaries.
In 2015 ASHTORETH played at the 20th anniversary edition of ROADBURN Festival, Tilburg, the Netherlands.
ASHTORETH joins the band Emptiness from Brussels, Belgium and together they record `Not for Music`. An album released by Season of Mist and Produced by Jeordi White (Marilyn Manson, Perfect Circle, NIN) and Sean Beavan (NIN, Slayer, Guns n` Roses,…)
ASHTORETH provides a long and brooding track to the `Doubleplusungood` soundtrack to the D. Cassandra feature film by Marco Laguna, released on WEME RECORDS

It can be mellow, meandering layers and layers of guitar with very subtle delay and loop trickery. Dreamlike soundscapes in slow-motion. But Ashtoreth can burst out in a noise frenzy as well with guitars that get thrown around and get violated with a large kitchen knife, resulting in aggressive feedback and ultra low bass tone attacks. Sometimes it’s the former, at others it’s the latter and often we get treated both. On this debut record Pelican Avenue Records presents us the more subtle side of Ashtoreths’ amplifier worship recorded live at a Paris fashion show (if you don’t find him in basements, attics, hipster bars, punk shows or living rooms I guess you’ll have to look for him at the Paris fashion week!). Soft, subtle, twinkling guitar layers from a guy that knows his instrument and gear he works with. This is not just some shabby mish-mash of a sound collage that goes nowhere. Definitely one of the more interesting things to come out of the Belgian underground in 2011.

Ashtoreth is the solo project of musical centipede Peter Verwimp. This album is one track played and recorded live during the Paris Fashion Week in March 2011 to accompany the work of fashion designers Pelican Avenue.They also provided the beautifully uncanny album cover with colourful feathers and scales. It’s a slow building atmospherical drone piece with shamanistic influences. Certainly worthwhile to check this out in a live environment.
from Vice magazine

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